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Container Rental from Simple Box

This is storage made Simple.

We know how complicated home renovations, building projects, and dealing with excess inventory can be. Renting a Container from Simple Box can help you cut through the clutter by providing instant space right where you need it.

Your portable storage unit can be delivered right to your home or job site. It’s the mini-storage that comes right to you, making it the most adaptable storage solution on the area.

We’re the local choice for portable storage. Delivering containers for sale or rent to customers from our convenient locations in:

A Container Rental from Simple Box works great for…



Take the stress out of remodeling by storing your belongings in a Simple Box rental container until your project is done. Then move them back into your newly designed area whenever you are ready for them. With no minimum rental period and no hidden fees, you can keep your Box for as long or as short as you want!

To Expand Your Business

To Expand Your Business

Finding more space when your business is expanding can be difficult and expensive. Container rentals from Simple Box make business (or inventory) expansion simple and cost-effective by providing instant temporary storage or extra office space. We can often deliver a Box within 24 hours and for a fraction of the cost of leasing more warehouse or shop space.

A Container Office or Job Shack

A Container Office or Job Shack

If you’re in construction or your business is expanding, a you may need a temporary place to work from. Although they aren’t overly fancy, a Job Box or Container office from Simple Box is often just right for the job. Our Job Shacks are available for sale or monthly rental and feature a window, a people door, overhead light, shelves, and two large cargo doors. Our Container Offices are available for sale and can be custom designed to meet your needs.

Secure Storage at Home or Work Secure Storage at Home or Work

Secure Storage at Home or Work

Rental containers help keep you organized, while keeping your belongings safe and secure. You can rent a 20 foot container, a 40 container, or another size that suits your need.

Whether it’s for building, home staging, or just getting rid of some of the extra clutter that has been piling up, a container from Simple Box is the perfect solution. Who knows? With a proper space for all of your stuff, you might even be able to start using your garage for what it was made for… parking your car inside this winter!

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How to Rent a Container:

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You order a 20 foot Storage Container rental (with no fuel surcharge and no long-term contract).

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You load the container at your own pace and keep it at your place for as long as you’d like.

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Our expert driver picks up your Simple Box and gently delivers the container it to its new location.

Read what one of our thousands of satisfied customers had to say:

I appreciate your very professional attitude and care for our needs. Everything has been done exactly as we asked and always with a smile and a “Thank you for your business!” -Brad in Bellingham, WA



Simple Secure Storage containers to rent or buy. Great for moving, on-site storage, or your next building project.