Container Delivery made Simple

If you're looking to Rent or Buy a shipping container, you are most likely needing it to be Delivered as well. We have our own fleet of Delivery Trucks and our own highly-trained Delivery Drivers on staff (not sub-contractors). 

Here are two short videos that show how we deliver our containers by rollback truck, or by truck and trailer. For both 20 foot Containers and 40 foot Containers, you will notice that the Driver backs the truck into place, gently sets one end of the Box on the ground, and then gently slides the truck out from underneath the Box before setting the other end of the Box on the ground.

How 20 foot Storage Containers are delivered

How 40 foot Shipping Containers are delivered

How are Storage Containers Delivered?

  1. The Driver backs the truck into place
  2. One end of the Box is gently placed on the ground
  3. The Driver gently slides the truck or trailer out from underneath the Box before setting the other end of the Box on the ground.
  4. The Box is always securely resting on the truck or the ground, and it is never "dropped."

What do you need to Prepare before Delivery?

  • Space to operate safely:
    • No gates or cars in the way.
    • Enough room to walk around the truck/trailer to access controls.
    • Plenty of room straight-ahead from where the Container will sit on the ground.
  • Time to work:
    • We always ask for a 2-day delivery window upon initial order. Our dispatcher will confirm the actual delivery day prior to delivery.
    • There are two things that we can't guarantee in the Northwest - weather and traffic. Although we always do our best to give an estimate of "before noon" or "after noon," we can't predict an exact time when your Delivery Driver will arrive.
    • Here's the good news though: You don't need to be there when the container is delivered, as long as the delivery area is clear and the Driver has a good idea of where to place the Box.
  • Ground Prep:
    • Ground should be fairly level - no steep inclines.
    • Good drainage underneath is helpful - you don't want your Container sitting in a giant puddle.
    • We recommend against Railroad ties, as they are often uneven and are very difficult to maneuver. Instead, use 2-foot sections of 4x4 inch treated lumber at each corner, or place the Container directly on asphalt or gravel. 
    • The Container is designed to hold the weight of the container at the 4 corners of the Box, so there is usually no need have dunnage underneath the side-rails of the Box.
    • If you have any questions or concerns about your Delivery area, we can schedule a site-check with one of our Drivers (site-check fee may apply).
We work with our customers to find the best place for their Box, we take the time to level the Box, and we explain the best way to open/close the Container doors and secure your belongings with a built-in lockbox.

How Quickly can Containers be Delivered?

Because we are local, we can often provide very fast delivery. Although next-day container delivery may be available at times, it's always best to make your request several days in advance. The first day of the week and the end of the month are often the busiest times in our schedule. 

What Matters Most to Simple Box?

You do.
That's why we don't leave the delivery up to anyone else. All Simple Box Delivery Drivers are either owners or employees (not a sub-contractor or out-of-state trucking company), so you know that your Box will be treated with care and your satisfaction is our only priority!

At Simple Box, we take the stress out of moving and storage by providing Simple Secure Storage, delivered where you need it, when you need it. Call or Request a Quote today and ask about our special Moving package!

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