Shipping Containers for Sale

Shipping Containers are often the toughest, simplest, and most cost-effective storage solution.

People who buy a shipping container or conex from Simple Box do so for 3 Reasons:

  1. It is generally more cost effective and much faster than building a warehouse or shed.
  2. Simple Box has good inventory of New and Used Shipping Containers for Sale (with a wide variety of colors, conditions and options)
  3. Because we are local, you can choose your own Container (New, Used, or Modified) and we can often deliver your container to you on short notice (often 24 hours).

When you Buy a container from Simple Box, you get storage needs solved in a hurry and for a reasonable price.

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Top 5 Reasons People Buy a Shipping Container:

Container Storage for Business

Container Storage for Business

Are you running out of room in the office for all of that stuff? Good thing there’s Simple Box.

Our new and used shipping containers make building an additional storage space for the office very simple.
Use it for extra storage or even extra work space.

Container Storage for Business

Buy a Shipping Container for Home

Are you a Homeowner out of space in your current home or property, but don’t want to move?

Simple Box provides permanent, long-term storage right outside your backdoor. More secure than a shed, and no assembly required!

Home Storage
Construction Site Storage

Conex Storage for Contractors

Simple Box helps make construction projects run smoothly.

Keep your supplies clean and dry in a conex or cargo container, and even giving your crew a place for lunch and breaks.  We can even help you mount your company signs or logos on the Box so that you can advertise and store your goods at the same time. Contact Simple Box to learn more.

Conex Storage for Contractors
Buy a Container for Hunting or Ranch

Buy a Container for Hunting or Ranch

We like rugged. And we know you do, too.

Simple Box takes rugged to the next level with our secure, heavy-duty Corten steel containers. Plus, new and cargo-worthy Shipping Containers are windproof and watertight, so your hunting gear will stay safe and dry. If you are an avid hunter or outdoorsman, you even have the option of buying a Camo Shipping Container!

Buy a Container for Hunting or Ranch
Container House

Looking for a Container House?

A modified Simple Box container could make a great space to live in – especially in rural areas.

The Tiny House movement and Shipping Container architecture are here to stay. Although we aren’t home builders, we can help you:

  1. Buy a container for your Container House
  2. Do the basic modification of adding windows, doors, spray-foam insulation and framing.
  3. We can deliver your Box where you need it so that you can have a finish-carpenter complete the container house or vacation cottage of your dreams!
simple box storage

Shipping Container Dimensions and Sizes

Because Simple Box shipping containers are made of steel, your Box often continues to rise in value, unlike a wood storage shed or pole building.

Simple Box carries all sizes of Shipping Containers. 8x20 and 8x40 are the most common container size and typically offer the best price per square foot of storage.

The following diagram shows the standard container dimensions and sizes:

Dimensions Width Height Length Lbs
6’ Standard 6’6” 6’3” 6’ 1450
8’ Standard 7’2” 7’2” 8′ 2100
10’ Standard 8′ 8’6″ 10′ 2900
20’ Standard 8′ 8’6″ 20′ 4800
20’ High Cube OR Double Door 8′ 8’6″ – 9’6″ 20′ 4800
40’ Standard 8′ 8’6″ 40′ 9000
40’ High Cube OR Double Door 8′ 8’6″- 9’6″ 40′ 9000
(*values fluctuate somewhat with the commodity price of steel) BOXES ARE MADE ACCORDING TO ISO STANDARDS BUT SOME BOXES DO VARY IN SIZE.

How much does it cost to buy a Shipping Container?

Container Prices vary by the size, condition, and location you need the Box.

The following price ranges can give you an idea of what to budget for:

New 8x20 Container: $2950-3950
Used 8x20 Container: $2,100-2,900
New 8x40 Container: $4,200-5,400
Used 8x40 Container: $2,250-3,450

Note that Container Prices fluctuate with the price of steel, availability, and condition, as well the cost of trucking to get the container to the desired location. If you’re ready to buy a shipping container and want a no hassle quote you can get current container pricing and availability here.

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